Course Number   Course Title / Description / MnTC Goals / Prerequisites Credits
PRNU 2100   Nursing Care of Adults 3  
  This course focuses on health/illness needs of the adult person and incorporates professional concepts of informatics/technology, managing care, evidence-based nursing judgment, relationship-centered patient care, professional integrity and behavior, quality improvement, safety, and teamwork and collaboration within the context of care for an adult patient. The leading causes of mortality according to the Center for Disease Control serve as a foundation for exemplars of health/illness concepts. The student has an opportunity to demonstrate skills specific to the care of the adult in the lab setting.  
  Prerequisite: Successful completion with minimum 2.0 in each Semester One (1) and Two (2) practical nursing course.  

PRNU 2100 is a required course in the following degrees, diplomas, or certificates:
Practical Nursing Diploma (2020-2021)
!Copy - Practical Nursing Diploma (2019-2020)
Practical Nursing Diploma (2019-2020)
Practical Nursing Diploma (2018-2019)