• Current CPR for Health Care Providers certification
  • Current EMT certification and at least 100 hours of EMT experience
  • Successful completion of MDH background study
  • Submission of medical clearance for field and clinical activities (physical, immunizations)
Course Outline
Required Courses
(19 Courses)
Course Title Credits
EMS 1016 Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
EMSP 1502 Introduction to Emergency Care
EMSP 1504 Anatomy and Physiology for the Paramedic
EMSP 1506 Pharmacology for the Paramedic
EMSP 1510 Ambulance Operations I
EMSP 1512 Ambulance Operations II
EMSP 1530 Patient Assessment
EMSP 1540 Shock and Trauma Care
EMSP 1552 Airway and Pulmonology
EMSP 1554 Cardiology
EMSP 1560 Medical Emergencies
EMSP 1570 Special Populations
EMSP 1580 Clinical I
EMSP 1582 Clinical II
EMSP 1590 Field Clinical I-BLS
EMSP 1592 Field Clinical II
EMSP 1596 Field Clinical III and Paramedic Capstone
EMSP 1600 ACLS Provider
EMSP 1602 PALS Provider
Total Credits: 45  
Elective Courses
(select 2 credits from the courses below)
Choose one of the following 2 or 3 credit options:
Course Title Credits
ENGL 121 College Composition I - Critical Reading & Writing
GSCM 1122 Applied Oral and Written Communications 2*
GSCM 1132 Applied Technical Writing
Total Credits: 2  
Elective Courses
(select 1 credit from the courses below)
Choose one of the following 1 or 2-credit options:
Course Title Credits
GSIS 1502 Human Relations
GSMS 1202 Applied Mathematics
GSWS 1401 Employment Preparation
GSWS 1402 Employment Prep & Retention
Total Credits: 1  
Total Diploma Credits: 48  

*Credits for this course are variable. See your Advisor about this course.