Course Number   Course Title / Description / MnTC Goals / Prerequisites Credits
ESCI 1120   Introdution to Meteorology 4  
  This course focuses on weather and climate. We look at basic scientific methods, concepts, and theories dealing with weather systems and daily weather conditions. Global air circulation, air masses, forecasting techniques, severe weather, and climate patterns are examined. Human impact on our atmosphere, weather and climate are closely studied and possible solutions are discussed. A semester lab project related to observational meteorology is assigned as well as several internet and written activities. Lecture - 3 hours. Laboratory - 2 hours.  
  Minnesota Transfer Goals: 3 10  
  Prerequisite: Algebra is recommended  

ESCI 1120 is an elective course in the following degrees, diplomas, or certificates:
Early Childhood Education AS Degree (2020-2021)
Early Childhood Education AS Degree (2019-2020)