Course Number   Course Title / Description / MnTC Goals / Prerequisites Credits
LAWE 2450   Police Ethics and Leadership 3  
  Police Ethics includes definitions, perceptions and concerns, code of honor, racial profiling, and history of police work environment. The student will explore corruption, deviancy, and criminality found within police departments, and discuss the impact upon relations within the community and citizens. This course alerts students to some of the more sensitive and often problematic matters involved in police conduct and ethics. Students will specify actions contrary to the duties and responsibilities of law enforcement officers and learn how to conduct themselves and their affairs in a manner that reflects department standards and professionalism.  

LAWE 2450 is a required course in the following degrees, diplomas, or certificates:
Law Enforcement AAS Degree (2020-2021)
Law Enforcement AAS Degree (2019-2020)
LAWE 2450 is an elective course in the following degrees, diplomas, or certificates:
Criminal Justice Transfer Pathway AS Degree (2021-2022)