Course Number   Course Title / Description / MnTC Goals / Prerequisites Credits
NURS 1000   Foundations of Nursing 3  
  Foundations of Nursing is the fundamental platform for the nursing program at Ridgewater College. The course is designed to provide the nursing student with the knowledge required to care competently and safely for a wide variety of patients in numerous health care environments. This theory course includes (though not limited to) the following content: nursing history and philosophy, health care systems/organizations, legal/ethical considerations, licensed practical nurse (LPN) role and scope of practice, nursing process and critical thinking, communication, infection control, safety, perioperative care, pain management, complementary/alternative therapies, transcultural issues, and basic nutrition. The course consists of lecture, written and/or oral assignments, student participation, and exams. Students must have successfully completed or concurrently be enrolled in BIOL210 and CMST226.  
  Prerequisite: Admission topractical nursing program  

NURS 1000 is a required course in the following degrees, diplomas, or certificates:
Practical Nursing Diploma (2017-2018)
Practical Nursing Diploma (2015-2016)
Practical Nursing Diploma (2014-2015)
Nursing - LPN Diploma (2013-2014)
Nursing - LPN Diploma (2012-2013)
Nursing (Mane Curriculum) - LPN Diploma (2012-2013)
Nursing PN Diploma (2010-2011)
Practical Nursing Diploma (2009-2010)
Nursing PN Diploma (2008-2009)
Nursing Diploma (2007-2008)