Course Number   Course Title / Description / MnTC Goals / Prerequisites Credits
NURS 1600   Psychosocial Nursing 1  
  This course provides an introduction to mental health concepts such as the mental health/illness continuum, the therapeutic use of self, and the therapeutic environment. In addition, it provides an overview of prevalent mental health illnesses and their treatment (pharmacological and non-pharmacological) from a nursing process perspective. Also included is a discussion of substance abuse, primarily ETOH and methamphetamine abuse, as well as the 12-step approach to recovery. Students will participate in discussions and activities to enhance the online learning environment. Concepts from the Foundations of Nursing course will be revisited in relationship to care of the clients with mental health needs. Students must have successfully completed on concurrently be enrolled in PSYC 263 and ENGL 121.  
  Prerequisite: Successful completion of all semester one practical nursing courses  

NURS 1600 is a required course in the following degrees, diplomas, or certificates:
Practical Nursing Diploma (2017-2018)
Practical Nursing Diploma (2015-2016)
Practical Nursing Diploma (2014-2015)
Nursing - LPN Diploma (2013-2014)
Nursing - LPN Diploma (2012-2013)
Nursing (Mane Curriculum) - LPN Diploma (2012-2013)
Nursing PN Diploma (2010-2011)
Practical Nursing Diploma (2009-2010)
Nursing PN Diploma (2008-2009)
Nursing Diploma (2007-2008)