Course Number   Course Title / Description / MnTC Goals / Prerequisites Credits
PHD 1155   Crisis Prevention/Intervention 1  
  This course will train students how to safely manage disruptive and assaultive behavior. Along with proven methods for defusing explosive behavior, students will learn how to handle most any type of threatening or challenging situation with minimal anxiety and increased confidence.  

PHD 1155 is a required course in the following degrees, diplomas, or certificates:
Activity Director AAS Degree (2007-2008)
Education Paraprofessional Title I AAS Degree (2007-2008)
Educational Assistant AAS Degree (2007-2008)
Activity Assistant Diploma (2007-2008)
Educational Assistant Diploma (2007-2008)
Universal Care Assistant Diploma (2007-2008)
Educational Assistant Certificate (2007-2008)
Universal Care Assistant Certificate (2007-2008)