Course Number   Course Title / Description / MnTC Goals / Prerequisites Credits
PHD 1180   Employment Readiness 1  
  The work environment undergoes constant change. To be prepared to meet those changes, students, as prospective employees, must be able to evaluate their strengths, skills, and abilities. They need to be able to match those to a career, and they need to be able to investigate, locate, and obtain employment in that career area. This course is designed specifically for persons desiring work in the human service occupation area. Students will create resumes, cover letters, follow-up letters, and employment portfolios. They will have an opportunity to complete a practice interview in their career field.  

PHD 1180 is a required course in the following degrees, diplomas, or certificates:
Activity Director AAS Degree (2007-2008)
Education Paraprofessional Title I AAS Degree (2007-2008)
Educational Assistant AAS Degree (2007-2008)
Activity Assistant Diploma (2007-2008)
Universal Care Assistant Diploma (2007-2008)
PHD 1180 is an elective course in the following degrees, diplomas, or certificates:
Educational Assistant Diploma (2008-2009)