Students choosing to study chemistry may also be interested in the following program areas: Biochemistry, Biology, Pre-Chiropractic, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Medical Technology, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Pharmacy, and Pre-Veterinary Medicine. The program listed below should be used as a guide since required courses vary considerably among 4-year institutions. Students planning a degree in Chemistry or one of the above fields should contact the Chemistry Department and work with a counselor or their adviser to identify transfer options. A visit to your intended transfer institution by the spring of your freshman year is highly recommended.

Course Outline
Required Courses
(8 Courses)
Course Title Credits
CHEM 151 Principles of Chemistry I
CHEM 152 Principles of Chemistry II
CHEM 261 Introduction to Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 262 Introduction to Organic Chemistry II
MATH 121 Calculus I: Calculus and Analytic Geometry
MATH 122 Calculus II: Calculus and Analytic Geometry
PHYS 121 General Physics
PHYS 122 General Physics II
Total Credits: 40  
Elective Courses
(select 24 credits from the courses below)
The following courses are suggested general education courses. A total of 15 credits should be taken from Goals 5 and 6 during the freshman and sophomore years.
Course Title Credits
BIOL 200 General Biology I
CMST 121 Introduction to Communication
ENGL 121 College Composition I - Critical Reading & Writing
ENGL 122 College Composition II: Writing with Sources
PE 220 First Aid/CPR
PUBH 105 Personal and Community Health
PUBH 110 Drug Education in Contemporary Society
Total Credits: 24  
Total AS Degree Credits: 64