Ridgewater College offers opportunities to pursue a career in health care facilities and other health related areas as a medical secretary. The program offers a balance of lecture and applied learning. Graduates will learn specialized skills and recieve a strong background in medical terminology usage and spelling. Students will learn how to prepare and maintain medical and financial records, make appointments, and work with patients. Medical secretaries and medical administrative secretaries perform many of the same functions, although the medical administrative secretary is more specialized.
Course Outline
Developmental Courses (<100)
(these courses are not required but are recommended)
Course Title Credits
ADS 1007 Keyboarding
GSCM 0010 Basic Communications
These courses are remedial. The student will have the opportunity to test out of these courses. If test results are unsatisfactory in any area, it will be recommended that the student take the course(s). These credits aer in addition to the program requirements and do not count tward a diploma or degree.
Technical Required Courses
(17 Courses)
Course Title Credits
ADS 1008 Keyboarding II
ADS 1010 Business Communications
ADS 1012 Business Presentations
ADS 1014 Written Business Communications
ADS 1300 Medical Terminology
ADS 1303 Pharmacology in the Medical Office
ADS 1304 Applied Medical Terminology
ADS 1310 Medical Transcription, Quality Management and Production
ADS 1312 Medical Transcription II
ADS 1320 Medical Office Management
ADS 1322 Medical Records Management
ADS 2030 Word
ADS 2322 Medical Insurance and Reimbursement
GSCI 1302 Introduction to Computers
GSWS 1403 Employment Prep & Retention
MEDA 1010 Anatomy and Physiology I
MEDA 1020 Disease Conditions
Total Credits: 44  
Note there is a data error. The credits listed in this section total 46 while the section is listed as having 44 credits.
Technical Elective Courses
(these courses are not required but are recommended)
Course Title Credits
ADS 1003 Skillbuilding I
ADS 1005 Skillbuilding
ADS 1016 Excel I
ADS 1026 Access
ADS 1032 PowerPoint I/Presentation Graphics
ADS 1033 Word Processing - WordPerfect
ADS 1037 Word Processing Applications
ADS 1039 Introduction to the Internet
ADS 1040 Office Accounting Concepts
ADS 2010 Desktop Publishing
ADS 2313 Medical Transcription III
ADS 2390 Healthcare Administrative Assistant Internship 2-6*
Total Diploma Credits: 44  

*Credits for this course are variable. See your Advisor about this course.