ADMISSION CRITERIA: * Attend Nursing Information session * High School graduate or GED recipient * Accepted as student at Ridgewater College * Current registry as Nursing Assistant * Meet ACCUPLACER testing requirements * Medical Terminology (NURS 1617 or equivalent) or pass competency test. NOTE: You must complete these requirements prior to applying for the Practical Nursing program. You must earn a "C" grade or better in all courses taken to meet admission criteria. You may take general education (non-Nursing) courses prior to acceptance in the Practical Nursing program. Graduates are eligible to take NCLEX-PN licensure exam. Students who graduate from the Practical Nursing program with a minimum 2.5 GPA and pass the NCLEX-PN exam are eligible to move into the Associate Degree Nursing program.
Course Outline
Required Courses
(14 Courses)
Course Title Credits
BIOL 210 Human Anatomy
ENGL 121 College Composition I - Critical Reading & Writing
NURS 1000 Foundations of Nursing
NURS 1050 Clinical Foundation
NURS 1075 Nursing Interventions
NURS 1200 Medication Administration I
NURS 1250 Medication Administration II
NURS 1300 Nursing of Adults
NURS 1350 Clinical Application
NURS 1400 Nursing Care of Women/Newborns/Children
NURS 1600 Psychosocial Nursing
NURS 1700 Ethics in Nursing
PSYC 263 Developmental Psychology
SPCH 226 Interpersonal Communications
Total Credits: 37  
Note there is a data error. The credits listed in this section total 36 while the section is listed as having 37 credits.
NOTE: Ridgewater's Psychology department requires PSYC 131 as a prerequisite of PSYC 263. However, PSYC 131 is not a requirement to obtain the Practical Nursing diploma. Some students choose to transfer in the equivalent of PSYC 263 from colleges that do not have a prerequisite. Students who plan to continue into the Associate Degree Nursing program can take PSYC 131 and have it apply toward their required Goal Area 7 elective.
Total Diploma Credits: 37