The two-year Dairy Management program includes all phases of dairy management. Emphasis areas are:
  • Owner/operator
  • Agribusiness
  • Employed manager/Herdsperson
Dairy Management program (diploma) students do a four-week paid internship each October and again in May. Dairy Management (AAS) students do a four-week paid internship in May or June between their feshmen and sophomore year. The internships provide opportunity to apply skills learned in college and to learn new skills that can best be learned on the job.
Course Outline
Required Courses
(19 Courses)
Course Title Credits
AGRI 1210 Dairy Cattle Breeding and Reproduction
AGRI 1220 Dairy Facilities and Equipment
AGRI 1230 Raising Dairy Replacements
AGRI 1240 Dairy Cattle Anatomy, Physiology & Health
AGRI 1241 Cattle Health Lab
AGRI 1260 Dairy Seminar I
AGRI 1261 Dairy Seminar II
AGRI 1270 Dairy Nutrition
AGRI 1521 Computers/Spreadsheets
AGRI 1540 Personnel Management for Agricultural Producers
AGRI 1640 Ag Commodity Marketing
AGRI 1650 Soils and Fertility Management
AGRI 1660 Introduction to Agronomy
AGRI 1820 Animal Nutrition
AGRI 2100 Farm Shop Repair Skills
GSCM 1122 Applied Oral and Written Communications 3*
GSMS 1201 Applied Mathematics
GSWS 1451 First Aid/Safety
GSWS 1462 Industry Skills
Total Credits: 42  
Note there is a data error. The credits listed in this section total 43 while the section is listed as having 42 credits.
Elective Courses
(select 18 credits from the courses below)
Choose between an Ag Business Emphasis or an owner/Operator or Employed Manager Emphasis. See your adviser to select courses that fulfill this requirement.
Course Title Credits
AGRI 1551 Ag Business Procedures and Records
AGRI 1552 Ag Business Credit and Finance
AGRI 1553 Agri-Business Management and Marketing
AGRI 1580 Ag Sales & Service
AGRI 1621 Farm Management I
AGRI 1622 Farm Management II
AGRI 1624 Farm Management IV
AGRI 2501 Agri-Business Internship
AGRI 2502 Agri-Business Internship
AGRI 2601 Farm Operation and Management Internship
AGRI 2602 Farm Operation and Management Internship
Total Credits: 18  
Elective Courses
(select 12 credits from the courses below)
Course Title Credits
AGRI 1211 Artificial Insemination
AGRI 1212 Dairy Evaluation
AGRI 1221 Milker Training
AGRI 1242 Palpation and Ultra-sounding of Dairy Cattle Lab
AGRI 1243 Embryo Transfer
AGRI 1244 Hoof Trimming
AGRI 1251 Dairy Capstone
AGRI 1281 Dairy Herd Management I
AGRI 1282 Dairy Herd Management II
AGRI 1283 Dairy Herd Management III
AGRI 1284 Dairy Herd Management IV
AGRI 1291 Dairy Herd Management Practicum/Internship I
AGRI 1292 Dairy Herd Management Practicum/Internship II
AGRI 1293 Dairy Herd Management Practicum/Internship III
AGRI 1294 Dairy Herd Management Practicum/Internship IV
AGRI 1720 Corn and Soybean Production
AGRI 1730 Forage Production
AGRI 1750 Introduction to Precision Agriculture
AGRI 1770 GIS Applications
AGRI 2135 Ag Electricity
AGRI 2140 Ag Power Maintenance and Repair
AGRI 2141 Agriculture Power Maintenance and Repair Lab
AGRI 2150 Harvesting and Fall Tillage Equipment
AGRI 2160 Planters & Spring Tillage
AGRI 2180 Ag Machinery Management
AGRI 2190 Farm Trucks
AGRI 2200 Farm Building and Structures
AGRI 2300 Ag Travel I
AGRI 2310 Ag Travel II
GSCL 1141 Spanish Conversation / Culture
WELD 1118 Agricultural Welding
Total Credits: 12  
Total Diploma Credits: 72  

*Credits for this course are variable. See your Advisor about this course.