The Health Support Specialist Registered Apprenticeship Program is an innovative education and on-the-job learning opportunity designed to change the traditional system of compartmentalized job duties. It creates a team-based and person-directed environment where all people thrive.

Employers build a Registered Apprenticeship Program that creates a blended worker model trained by faculty within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities for a new position now recognized by the Department of Labor.

Individuals who complete the program receive a HSS certificate from a participating Minnesota State College and Universities College (program pending MNSCU approval) and receive a Registered Apprenticeship Health Support Specialist Certificate from the State of Minnesota Department of Labor/Division of Apprenticeship.

Course Outline
Required Courses
(7 Courses)
Course Title Credits
ADR 1605 Introduction to the Health Support Specialist
ADR 1610 The Role of the HSS in Providing Meaningful Activities
ADR 1615 Role of Health Support Specialist in Memory Care
ADR 1620 Role of Health Support Specialist in Culinary Care
ADR 1625 Role of Health Support Specialist in Physiological Care
ADR 1630 Role of Health Support Specialist in Psychosocial Care
ADR 1635 Role of Health Support Specialist in Environmental Services
Total Credits: 9  
Total Certificate Credits: 9