Agriculture continues to be an extremely high tech industry. Many agribusiness firms are providing more and more services to larger farms. This program prepares students for occupations in ag-related businesses in the areas of feeds, seeds, plant food, crop protection, agricultural products, equipment, petroleum, ag sales and services, and office management. Specializations within the Agri Business program include:
  • Agronomy
  • Ag Office Management
  • Dairy
  • Animal Science

Graduates may find employment at the technical, sales, office or managerial level. See related technical programs: Agronomy Technician, Farm Operation and Management, Dairy, and the Agriculture program listed in the liberal arts section.

Course Outline
Required Courses
(15 Courses)
Course Title Credits
AGRI 1520 Computers in Agriculture
AGRI 1550 Introduction to Ag Business
AGRI 1551 Ag Business Procedures and Records
AGRI 1552 Ag Business Credit and Finance
AGRI 1553 Agri-Business Management and Marketing
AGRI 1580 Ag Sales & Service
AGRI 1640 Ag Commodity Marketing
AGRI 1650 Soils and Fertility Management
AGRI 1660 Introduction to Agronomy
AGRI 2800 Agriculture Internship
GSCM 1123 Oral and Written Communication
GSMS 1201 Applied Mathematics
GSWS 1402 Employment Prep & Retention
GSWS 1451 First Aid/Safety
GSWS 1462 Industry Skills
Total Credits: 37  
Courses that are specific to an area of specialization will be required beyond the above list of required courses.
Elective Courses
(1 Course)
This course will be repeated for a total of 6 credits.
Course Title Credits
AGRI 2800 Agriculture Internship
Total Credits: 3  
Elective Courses
(select 32 credits from the courses below)
Course Title Credits
AGRI 1210 Dairy Cattle Breeding and Reproduction
AGRI 1211 Artificial Insemination
AGRI 1212 Dairy Evaluation
AGRI 1220 Dairy Facilities and Equipment
AGRI 1230 Raising Dairy Replacements
AGRI 1241 Cattle Health Lab
AGRI 1242 Palpation and Ultra-sounding of Dairy Cattle Lab
AGRI 1243 Embryo Transfer
AGRI 1244 Hoof Trimming
AGRI 1260 Dairy Seminar I
AGRI 1270 Dairy Nutrition
AGRI 1610 Agri-Data Technology
AGRI 1621 Farm Management I
AGRI 1622 Farm Management II
AGRI 1670 Integrated Pest Management
AGRI 1680 Crop Scouting Techniques
AGRI 1681 Crop Scouting Techniques Lab
AGRI 1700 Crop Protection Products
AGRI 1720 Corn and Soybean Production
AGRI 1730 Forage Production
AGRI 1740 Specialty Crops
AGRI 1750 Introduction to Precision Agriculture
AGRI 1761 Agricultural Water Management
AGRI 1770 GIS Applications
AGRI 1771 Introduction to Precision Ag
AGRI 1773 GIS Problem Solving
AGRI 1780 Grain Handling and Storage
AGRI 1810 Introductory Animal Science
AGRI 1820 Animal Nutrition
AGRI 1830 Beef Cow Calf
AGRI 1840 Beef Feedlot
AGRI 1870 Swine Breeding and Farrowing
AGRI 1871 Swine Nursery and Finishing
AGRI 1900 Sheep Management
AGRI 2070 Dairy Seminar II
AGRI 2130 Small Engine Repair
AGRI 2135 Ag Electricity
AGRI 2160 Planters & Spring Tillage
AGRI 2161 Planter Meter Certification
AGRI 2191 CDL - Preparation for Written Test
AGRI 2192 CDL - Preparation for Road Test
AGRI 2200 Farm Building and Structures
AGRI 2210 Ag Industry Machinery Maintenance
AGRI 2230 Ag Industry Machinery Operation
AGRI 2240 Pesticide/Fertilizer Equipment
AGRI 2250 Basic Custom Application
AGRI 2260 Ag Energy/Alternative Fuels
AGRI 2800 Agriculture Internship
AGRI 2950 Special Projects/Topics 2*
GSCL 1141 Spanish Conversation / Culture
WELD 1118 Agricultural Welding
Total Credits: 32  
Total Diploma Credits: 72  

*Credits for this course are variable. See your Advisor about this course.