This program requires the permission of the program adviser for admission. It is designed for the student who has had at least 2-3 years of administrative assistant training and/or experience and whose skills can be evaluated for current relevant competency.
Course Outline
Elective Courses
(these courses are not required but are recommended)
These courdes are remedial. The student will have the opportunity to test out and/or have life experience credits applied. If test results or life experience exams are unsatisfactory, it will be recommended that the student take the courses. These credits are in addition to the program requirements and do not ocunt towards a diploma/degree.
Course Title Credits
ADS 1007 Keyboarding
ADS 1010 Business Communications
ADS 1014 Written Business Communications
Required Courses
(10 Courses)
Course Title Credits
ADS 1300 Medical Terminology
ADS 1303 Pharmacology in the Medical Office
ADS 1304 Applied Medical Terminology
ADS 1310 Medical Transcription, Quality Management and Production
ADS 1312 Medical Transcription II
ADS 1322 Medical Records Management
ADS 2030 Word
ADS 2313 Medical Transcription III
HIMC 1350 Pathophysiology
MEDA 1010 Anatomy and Physiology I
Total Credits: 28  
Elective Courses
See your advisor to select courses that fulfill this requirement.
Total Credits: 2  
Total Certificate Credits: 30