Course Outline
Required Courses
(12 Courses)
Course Title Credits
ECED 1105 Behavior Guidance
ECED 1115 Special Education
ECED 1410 Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder
ECED 1420 Bullying: An Educator's Role
ECED 1430 Assistive Technology in Early Childhood Special Education
ECED 1440 Creating an Inclusive Early Childhood Environment
ECED 1630 Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood
ECED 2910 Early Childhood Special Education Internship
EDA 1020 Sign Language I
EDA 1025 Sign Language II
EDA 1155 Crisis Intervention
GSWS 1451 First Aid/Safety
Total Credits: 21  
Note there is a data error. The credits listed in this section total 22 while the section is listed as having 21 credits.
Total Certificate Credits: 21