Machining is a craft that provides the key to modern manufacturing. The mold maker shapes and finishes the metal molds for plastic injection molding of plastic parts we use every day. Ridgewater College graduates are in every area of manufacturing including machine operator, plant manager, and sales of machine tools. The lab is state-of-the-art with equipment found in high-tech manufacturing firms like Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines and CAD/CAM software.
Course Outline
Required Courses
(21 Courses)
Course Title Credits
CMAE 1514 Safety Awareness
CMAE 1522 Quality Practices
MACT 1005 Blueprint Reading for Machinists
MACT 1801 Fundamentals of Precision Manufacturing
MACT 1812 Fixture Design and Tooling
MACT 1831 Manual Lathe Operations
MACT 1836 Lathe Operations & Theory II
MACT 1840 Manual Mill Operations
MACT 1842 2-Axis CNC II
MACT 2503 Parametric Design I
MACT 2507 Practical Application of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
MACT 2803 Precision Grinding
MACT 2805 Precision Grinding II
MACT 2811 CNC Programming and Set-up - Mill
MACT 2813 CNC Vertical Machining Centers
MACT 2815 CNC Programming and Set-up - Lathe
MACT 2826 Computer Assisted Machining I
MACT 2827 Computer Assisted Machining II
MACT 2870 Mold Making I
MACT 2872 Mold Making II
MACT 2874 Mold Making III
Total Credits: 51  
Note there is a data error. The credits listed in this section total 55 while the section is listed as having 51 credits.
Elective Courses
(select 1 credit from the courses below)
Course Title Credits
CMST 1210 Introduction to Communication
ENGL 1210 College Composition I: Critical Reading and Writing
Total Credits: 1  
Goal Area 1: Communications
Choose one course
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Total Credits: 3  
Goal Area 4: Mathematics/Logical Reasoning
(select 3 credits from the courses below)
Choose one of the following:
Course Title Credits
MATH 1000 Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 1090 Elements of Algebra and Trigonometry
MATH 1120 College Algebra
Total Credits: 3  
General Education Elective Courses
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Total Credits: 9  
Total AAS Degree Credits: 67