Course Outline
Required Courses
(21 Courses)
You may choose either AGRI 1201 or a MNTC Goal 4 course for 3-4 credits
Course Title Credits
AGRI 1001 Ag Orientation
AGRI 1201 Applied Mathematics for Agricultural Careers
AGRI 1520 Computers in Agriculture
AGRI 1540 Personnel Management for Agricultural Producers
AGRI 1580 Ag Sales & Service
AGRI 1771 Introduction to Precision Ag
AGRI 1774 Electronics Components and Troubleshooting
AGRI 2100 Farm Shop Repair Skills
AGRI 2140 Ag Power Maintenance and Repair
AGRI 2141 Agriculture Power Maintenance and Repair Lab
AGRI 2142 Hydraulics for Ag Power Systems
AGRI 2143 Fuel Systems and Emissions for Ag Power Systems
AGRI 2144 Electrical Systems for Ag Power
AGRI 2145 Powertrains for Ag Power Systems
AGRI 2146 Engines for Ag Power Systems
AGRI 2147 HVAC for Ag Power Systems
AGRI 2148 Ag Shop Procedures
AGRI 2191 CDL - Preparation for Written Test
AGRI 2192 CDL - Preparation for Road Test
AGRI 2800 Agriculture Internship
WELD 1190 Fundamentals of Welding
Total Credits: 50  
Required Courses
(1 Course)
Complete a second internship for a total of 6 credits.
Course Title Credits
AGRI 2800 Agriculture Internship
Total Credits: 3  
Elective Courses
(select 13 credits from the courses below)
Choose 13 credits from either the highly suggested electives or the other technical elective options.
Course Title Credits
AGRI 2150 Harvesting and Fall Tillage Equipment
AGRI 2151 Forage Harvesting/Fall Tillage
AGRI 2160 Planters & Spring Tillage
AGRI 2161 Planter Meter Certification
AGRI 2221 Medium and Heavy Duty Truck Repair
Total Credits: 13  
Elective Courses
(these courses are not required but are recommended)
The following courses are highly suggested electives
Course Title Credits
AGRI 1650 Soils and Fertility Management
AGRI 1660 Introduction to Agronomy
AGRI 1670 Integrated Pest Management
AGRI 1720 Corn and Soybean Production
AGRI 1770 GIS Applications
AGRI 1772 Remote Sensing/Image Analysis
AGRI 1773 GIS Problem Solving
AGRI 1776 GIS for Agricultural Producers
AGRI 2180 Ag Machinery Management
AGRI 2240 Pesticide/Fertilizer Equipment
AGRI 2250 Basic Custom Application
Elective Courses
Other technical electives
See your advisor to select courses that fulfill this requirement.
General Studies Applied Required Courses
(3 Courses)
Course Title Credits
GSCM 1123 Oral and Written Communication
GSWS 1402 Employment Prep & Retention
GSWS 1451 First Aid/Safety
Total Credits: 6  
Total Diploma Credits: 72