Multimedia consists of designing electronic graphics, interactive programming, dynamic presentations, web pages for the Internet and other communication projects. Students will learn to present information in its most creative and stimulating forms integrating design, video, audio, animation and 3-D design technologies. Multimedia skills, as a merging, evolving and exciting industry, are currently in demand in almost every field of business.
Course Outline
Required Courses
(12 Courses)
(Choose either MMDT 1021 or CST 1021)
Course Title Credits
MMDT 1002 Graphic Visualization
MMDT 1008 Introduction to Computer Graphics
MMDT 1010 Typography and Color Theory
MMDT 1015 Digital Video Production
MMDT 1021 HTML and CSS
MMDT 1041 Information Illustration
MMDT 1051 Image Editing
MMDT 1088 Basic Digital Photography
MMDT 1112 Animation for Web Design
MMDT 1142 Interface Design
MMDT 1152 Business of Multimedia
MMDT 1180 Multimedia Portfolio
Total Credits: 37  
Elective Courses
Choose 13 credits from any MMDT, CST, MSM, PHOT, ADS, ACCT, BUS, General Studies, MnTC Goal 1 or MnTC Goal 6 courses as approved by your advisor
See your advisor to select courses that fulfill this requirement.
Total Credits: 13  
Total Diploma Credits: 50