Professional photographers are employed in either portrait photography or commercial photography. Portrait photography creates a likeness and delineation of character in people. Commercial photography concentrates on the photographing of objects in the studio or on location. Digital photography is now being used in both commercial and portrait photography.

The demand for professional photographers has remained high for the last several years. Digital photography in portrait and commercial photography has created new career opportunities for photographers. Many graduates are finding employment as digital imaging specialists.

Graduates usually begin their careers as staff assistants in either a commercial or portrait studio. Commercial photographers must be willing to relocate to a metropolitan area. Portrait photography provides more mobility for employment opportunities since portrait studios are found in almost any size city. Many past graduates own their own studios.

Course Outline
Required Courses
(12 Courses)
Course Title Credits
PHOT 1015 Lightroom
PHOT 1016 Classic Portraiture
PHOT 1019 Digital Cameras and Photography Concepts I
PHOT 1024 Photoshop I
PHOT 1027 Advanced Portrait Techniques
PHOT 1028 Commercial Photography I
PHOT 2032 On-Location Portraiture
PHOT 2034 Photoshop II
PHOT 2035 Off-Camera Flash Photography
PHOT 2040 Video Production I
PHOT 2042 Photographic Presentations
PHOT 2048 Photography Business Development
Total Credits: 36  
Elective Courses
(select 9 credits from the courses below)
Course Title Credits
PHOT 1020 Digital Camera and Photography Concepts II
PHOT 2030 Commercial Photography II
PHOT 2033 Wedding Photography
PHOT 2041 Basic Photo Business Applications
PHOT 2043 Video Editing and Motion Graphics
PHOT 2044 Video Production II
PHOT 2046 Portrait Portfolio
PHOT 2050 Real Estate Photography
PHOT 2051 High-Volume Photography
PHOT 2057 Internship
Total Credits: 9  
Goal Area 1: Communications
(select 6 credits from the courses below)
Take two classes: one CMST and one ENGL course for a total of 6 credits
Course Title Credits
CMST 1210 Introduction to Communication
CMST 2200 Public Speaking
CMST 2250 Small Group Communication
ENGL 1210 College Composition I: Critical Reading and Writing
Total Credits: 6  
General Education Elective Courses
(select 3 credits from the courses below)
Goal Area 7 8 or 9 (3-6 credits)
Course Title Credits
ECON 1900 Personal Finance
ECON 1950 Introduction to Economics
SOC 1070 Marriage and Family Living
SPAN 1070 Beginning Spanish I
Total Credits: 3  
Goal Area 6: The Humanities and Fine Arts
(select 6 credits from the courses below)
Choose 3-6 credits
Course Title Credits
ART 1040 Survey in Art
ART 1060 History of Modern Art
ART 1070 Women in Art
ART 1200 Introduction to Art Studio
ART 1300 Printmaking I
ART 1400 Drawing I
ART 1440 Watercolor
ART 2260 Elementary Art Education
ART 2300 Two-Dimensional Design
ART 2310 Three-Dimensional Design and Color
ART 2600 Ceramics
ART 2610 Painting
Total Credits: 6  
Total AAS Degree Credits: 60