Course Outline
Required Courses
(13 Courses)
Course Title Credits
GSWS 1451 First Aid/Safety
MTHE 1201 Basic Massage
MTHE 1203 Massage Therapy Anatomy & Physiology
MTHE 1204 Business Practices/Communications I for Massage
MTHE 1205 Principles of Holistic Health
MTHE 1206 Clinical/Field Experience I
MTHE 1208 Introduction to Pathology
MTHE 1211 Advanced Massage
MTHE 1212 Massage Therapy Anatomy and Kinesiology
MTHE 1213 Massage Therapy Business Practices/Communication II
MTHE 1214 Ancillary Treatments
MTHE 1220 Massage Therapy Certification Preparation
MTHE 1230 Clinical/Field Experience II
Total Credits: 30  
Elective Courses
(select 15 credits from the courses below)
Course Title Credits
ADS 1040 Office Accounting Concepts
ADS 1045 Computerized Accounting Basics
BIOL 1080 Human Biology
BIOL 2100 Human Anatomy
BIOL 2110 Human Physiology
BUS 1010 Business and the American Economy
BUS 1400 Business Computers
CHEM 1010 Survey of Chemistry
CMST 1210 Introduction to Communication
CMST 2230 Listening
CMST 2260 Interpersonal Communication
ECON 1900 Personal Finance
ECON 1950 Introduction to Economics
GSIS 1502 Human Relations
MSM 1101 Principles of Marketing
MSM 1103 Basic Sales Techniques
MSM 1220 Advertising
MSM 2823 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
MSM 2850 Small Business Development
MTHE 1220 Massage Therapy Certification Preparation
MTHE 1225 Field Experience
MTHE 1501 Advanced Massage 2
MTHE 2950 Special Projects/Topics 1-6*
PE 1180 Introduction to Yoga
PE 1220 Wellness and Fitness
PSYC 1310 Introduction to Psychology
PUBH 1050 Personal and Community Health
PUBH 1070 Nutrition
SOC 1050 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 1070 Marriage and Family Living
Total Credits: 15  
General Education Elective Courses
Choose at least one Goal 1 course and 1 Goal 5 course. Choice of general education courses must be made to include at least three Minnesota Transfer Curriculum Goal areas. Choose remaining credits from any goal area.
See your advisor to select courses that fulfill this requirement.
Total Credits: 15  
Total AAS Degree Credits: 60  

*Credits for this course are variable. See your Advisor about this course.