Students can complete the certificate in two semesters. Instruction focuses on the basics of computer editing, commercial photography, portraiture, and videography. Instruction will thoroughly cover the elements and principles of design, composition, and efficiently operating your DSLR or mirrorless camera. Equipment such as mirrorless and DSLR camera bodies, lenses, lights, audio equipment and video stabilizers are available for checkout at no extra cost to the student. A computer lab allows student access to the latest industry-leading video editing and photo manipulation software.
Course Outline
Required Courses
(10 Courses)
Course Title Credits
ADS 1014 Written Business Communications
PHOT 1015 Lightroom
PHOT 1016 Classic Portraiture
PHOT 1018 Mobile Media for Business
PHOT 1019 Digital Cameras and Photography Concepts I
PHOT 1020 Digital Camera and Photography Concepts II
PHOT 1024 Photoshop I
PHOT 1028 Commercial Photography I
PHOT 2032 On-Location Portraiture
PHOT 2040 Video Production I
Total Credits: 29  
Total Certificate Credits: 29