Nondestructive testing is the examination of an object or material in a manner which does not affect its future usefulness. Career opportunities exist in the aircraft, construction and manufacturing industries. Students study the theory of each NDT method and spend much of their time working in a fully equipped lab. They receive hands-on training on X-ray, radiography, isotope radiography, ultrasonics, computer-based eddy current, computerized acoustic emission and real-time x-ray equipment. This program is recognized by the American Society for Nondestructive Testing as one of the leading college programs in the country. Certificate options are also available within this program.
Course Outline
Required Courses
(17 Courses)
Course Title Credits
NDT 1030 Basic Liquid Penetrant Inspection
NDT 1045 Basic Radiographic Inspection
NDT 1065 Basic Ultrasonic Inspection
NDT 1080 Basic Eddy Current Testing Inspection
NDT 1090 Basic Magnetic Particle Inspection
NDT 1100 Manufacturing Processes
NDT 1501 Introduction to NDT
NDT 1510 Fundamentals of Metallurgy
NDT 1820 NDT Geometry and Trigonometry
NDT 2030 Advanced Liquid Penetrant Inspection
NDT 2045 Isotope/Radiation Safety/Advanced Radiography
NDT 2075 Advanced Ultrasonic Inspection
NDT 2085 Advanced Eddy Current Inspection
NDT 2090 Advanced Magnetic Particle Inspection
NDT 2160 Applied Physics
NDT 2170 Advanced Visual Inspection
WELD 1190 Fundamentals of Welding
Total Credits: 51  
Elective Courses
(select 13 credits from the courses below)
Course Title Credits
BUS 1400 Business Computers
COLL 1000 College Success: Get On Course
CSCI 1400 Business Computers
DRFT 1502 CAD I 3*
ENGT 1240 Fundamentals of Robotics
GSWS 1451 First Aid/Safety
MSM 2102 Professional Sales
MSM 2105 Computer Applications
NDT 1140 Basic Blueprint Reading
NDT 1516 Introduction to Codes/Specifications
NDT 1517 Introduction to Report Forms/Writing
NDT 2052 Computerized Radiography I
NDT 2076 Advanced Phased Array Ultrasonic
NDT 2150 Infrared Inspection
NDT 2240 Nondestructive Testing Internship 1-11*
NDT 2260 Composites
NDT 2510 Leak Testing
NDT 2527 AWS Weld Evaluation
NDT 2605 Introduction to Nuclear Reactors
NDT 2950 Special Projects/Topics 1-3*
Total Credits: 13  
Total Diploma Credits: 64  

*Credits for this course are variable. See your Advisor about this course.