Course Outline
Required Courses
(10 Courses)
For the following courses, you can choose either CST or MMDT for the course prefix: 1021 1022 1146 2146.
Course Title Credits
CST 1021 HTML and CSS
CST 1022 HTML II and Javascript
CST 1146 PHP Programming
CST 1600 Relational Database Design
CST 1602 Advanced Databases
CST 1620 C# Programming
CST 1640 Introduction to Java
CST 1700 CCNA R & S Introduction to Networks
CST 1794 Introduction to Programming
CST 2146 Data Driven Web
Total Credits: 31  
Elective Courses
Choose 19 credits from any CST, General Studies, MnTC Goal 1 or MnTC Goal 4 courses as approved by your advisor
See your advisor to select courses that fulfill this requirement.
Total Credits: 19  
Total Diploma Credits: 50