Ridgewater College offers several programs in the marketing field. Students can earn an A.A.S. degree or diploma in marketing and sales management. All of the programs offer a curriculum that centers on theory and practical experience through internships.
Course Outline
Required Courses
(13 Courses)
Choose either MSM 1012 or ADS 1012.
Course Title Credits
MSM 1012 Business Presentations
MSM 1101 Principles of Marketing
MSM 1103 Basic Sales Techniques
MSM 1137 Business Math and Accounting
MSM 1212 Personal Finance
MSM 1220 Advertising
MSM 1818 Internship I 3*
MSM 2102 Professional Sales
MSM 2105 Computer Applications
MSM 2110 Principles of Supervision
MSM 2125 E-Commerce & Social Media
MSM 2203 Management Issues
MSM 2823 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Total Credits: 39  
Elective Courses
(select 5 credits from the courses below)
Course Title Credits
MMDT 1152 Business of Multimedia
MSM 1000 Student Success
MSM 1819 Internship II 1-3*
MSM 2207 Merchandising Management
MSM 2833 International Business
MSM 2850 Small Business Development
MSM 2950 Special Projects/Topics 1-3*
Total Credits: 5  
General Education Required Courses
(4 Courses)
Choose 10 of the 16 credits from the Communications Study Certificate.
Course Title Credits
CMST 2200 Public Speaking
CMST 2250 Small Group Communication
CMST 2260 Interpersonal Communication
CMST 2900 Communication Studies Certificate Capstone
Total Credits: 10  
General Education Elective Courses
(select 6 credits from the courses below)
Course Title Credits
CMST 2230 Listening
CMST 2270 Intercultural Communication
CMST 2280 Argument and Reasoning
CMST 2400 Gender and Communication
CMST 2500 Computer-Mediated Communication
CMST 2600 Organizational Communication
Total Credits: 6  
Total AAS Degree Credits: 60  

*Credits for this course are variable. See your Advisor about this course.