In today's world, everything produced utilizes some sort of automated system. The one thing all of these systems have in common is the need to have well-trained and qualified technicians to keep the systems running properly. This program is designed to train individuals in the fields of industrial control systems, industrial electricity, robotics, programmable logic controllers, and fluid power systems. Students will gain these skills through various training and instruction, including hands-on labs, prototyping projects, technical literature, and more. Graduates of Ridgewater's Manufacturing Automation Technologies program will graduate with all the skillsets needed to be successful in the ever-evolving manufacturing world.
Course Outline
Required Courses
(13 Courses)
Course Title Credits
CMAE 1514 Safety Awareness
DRFT 1503 Interpreting Engineering Drawings
ENGT 1103 Mechanical Systems
ENGT 1203 Control Systems I
ENGT 1205 Electro Mechanical Devices I
ENGT 1211 Industrial Electricity
ENGT 1221 Process Controls I
ENGT 1301 Fluid Power
ENGT 2105 Motion Control
ENGT 2203 Control Systems II
ENGT 2424 Troubleshooting Industrial Systems
MACT 1190 Principles of Machining Operations
WELD 1190 Fundamentals of Welding
Total Credits: 34  
Elective Courses
(these courses are not required but are recommended)
Course Title Credits
CMAE 1518 Manufacturing Processes and Production
CMAE 1522 Quality Practices
CMAE 1526 Maintenance Awareness
CST 1794 Introduction to Programming
DRFT 2504 Electronic and Electrical Drawings
ENGT 1240 Fundamentals of Robotics
ENGT 1505 Predictive Maintenance
ENGT 2900 Internship 1-5*
ENGT 2950 Special Projects/Topics 1-6*
Total Diploma Credits: 34  

*Credits for this course are variable. See your Advisor about this course.