This program prepares individuals in all phases of auto repair from basic maintenance to complex diagnostic procedures. Because of the variety of work, technicians must be familiar with electrical and computer-controlled systems, transmissions, and electronic fuel injection. Students will have the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art equipment while repairing today's cars and light duty trucks in a real world shop situation. The Auto Mechanics Technology program has met the required standards and achieved National Certification through Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).
Course Outline
Required Courses
(23 Courses)
Course Title Credits
ABOD 1402 Auto Welding
AUTO 1103 General Auto
AUTO 1115 Engine Repair
AUTO 1133 Manual Transmission
AUTO 1134 Drivetrain and Axles
AUTO 1142 Suspension 1
AUTO 1152 Brakes 1
AUTO 1163 Basic Electrical I
AUTO 1184 Engine Performance I
AUTO 1212 Engine Diagnosis
AUTO 1362 Basic Electrical II
AUTO 2103 General Shop
AUTO 2124 Auto Transmission
AUTO 2174 Air Conditioning
AUTO 2323 Auto Transmission 2
AUTO 2342 Suspension 2
AUTO 2352 Brakes 2
AUTO 2383 Engine Performance 2
AUTO 2564 Advanced Electrical
AUTO 2583 Engine Performance 3
GSCI 1312 Industry Computer Applications
GSWS 1413 Small Business Operation
GSWS 1462 Industry Skills
Total Credits: 65  
Total Diploma Credits: 65