The Universal Care Assistant program is designed to educate special needs students who choose to work in a human service occupation area. During the 36-credit program, students learn necessary skills to work as care providers with the elderly, young children, and persons with differing abilities. The Universal Care Assistant program also offers course groupings leading to employment opportunities in the cleaning and food service areas. A majority of the credits are attained through hands-on experiences making it ideal for special needs learners seeking an employable skill.

NOTE: Program participants are subject to background checks according to Minnesota state law.

Course Outline
Required Courses
(21 Courses)
Course Title Credits
ADR 1015 Activity Ideas for Program Development
GSWS 1451 First Aid/Safety
NA 1125 Home Health Aide
NA 1612 Nursing Assistant
PHD 1005 Occupational Practicum 2*
PHD 1040 Aging Issues
PHD 1050 Internship I 4*
PHD 1100 Workplace Issues
PHD 1155 Crisis Prevention/Intervention
PHD 1165 Community Resources
PHD 1170 Diversity/Human Relations
PHD 1175 Documentation
PHD 1180 Employment Readiness
PHD 1190 Pre-Cooking Techniques
PHD 1205 Behavior Intervention
PHD 1210 Teaching Young Children
PHD 1215 Living Skills I 2*
PHD 1220 Living Skills II
PHD 1225 Disability Awareness
PHD 1235 Food Preparation
PHD 1245 Learning Skills 2*
Total Credits: 36  
Note there is a data error. The credits listed in this section total 39 while the section is listed as having 36 credits.
Elective Courses
(these courses are not required but are recommended)
Course Title Credits
PHD 1020 Sign Language I
PHD 1025 Sign Language II
PHD 1035 Computer/Machine Technology 3*
PHD 1195 Introduction to Supported Employment
Total Diploma Credits: 36  

*Credits for this course are variable. See your Advisor about this course.