Course Outline
Required Courses
(23 Courses)
Course Title Credits
GSWS 1401 Employment Preparation
NDT 1030 Basic Liquid Penetrant Inspection
NDT 1040 Introduction to Radiography
NDT 1050 Basic Radiographic Inspection I
NDT 1051 Basic Radiographic Inspection II
NDT 1060 Intro to Ultrasonic Inspection
NDT 1070 Basic Ultrasonic Inspection I
NDT 1071 Basic Ultrasonic Inspection II
NDT 1080 Basic Eddy Current Testing Inspection
NDT 1090 Basic Magnetic Particle Inspection
NDT 1501 Introduction to NDT
NDT 1812 Applied NDT Mathematics
NDT 2030 Advanced Liquid Penetrant Inspection
NDT 2040 Isotope & Radiation Safety
NDT 2049 Advanced Radiography I
NDT 2051 Advanced Radiography II
NDT 2060 Advanced Ultrasonic Inspection I
NDT 2061 Advanced Ultrasonic Inspection II
NDT 2062 Advanced Ultrasonic Inspection III
NDT 2080 Advanced Eddy Current Inspection I
NDT 2081 Advanced Eddy Current Inspection II
NDT 2090 Advanced Magnetic Particle Inspection
WELD 1190 Fundamentals of Welding
Total Credits: 47  
Elective Courses
(these courses are not required but are recommended)
Course Title Credits
NDT 2230 ASNT National Conference
NDT 2240 Nondestructive Testing Internship 1-11*
NDT 2250 Nondestructive Testing Internship 1-11*
Elective Courses
(select 4 credits from the courses below)
Course Title Credits
GSCI 1302 Introduction to Computers
GSCM 1102 Applied Written Communications
GSCM 1112 Applied Oral Communications
GSCM 1122 Applied Oral and Written Communications 2-3*
GSCM 1132 Applied Technical Writing
GSIS 1502 Human Relations
GSIS 1602 Personal Financial Management
GSMS 1201 Applied Mathematics
GSMS 1202 Applied Mathematics
GSMS 1222 Applied Elementary Algebra
GSWS 1422 Quality Management
GSWS 1432 Problem Solving/Decision Making
GSWS 1442 Team Development
GSWS 1451 First Aid/Safety
Total Credits: 4  
Total Diploma Credits: 51  

*Credits for this course are variable. See your Advisor about this course.