Carpenters are involved in most types of construction activities for residential, commercial and farm buildings of various styles. Most carpenters will specialize in trade areas like finish work, rough framing, or concrete forming. Carpentry students build two houses each year. During the first year, students spend the majority of time in the school shop. Second year students work predominantly outside at the construction site.

The necessity of being at the construction site during the second year of the Carpentry program would prevent taking General Education courses during traditional daytime class hours. The General Education courses may be taken prior to acceptance in the Carpentry program or after completion of the program.

Course Outline
Required Courses
(20 Courses)
Course Title Credits
CF 1690 Interior Finish
CF 1691 Carpentry Tools and Construction Safety
CF 1694 Framing I
CF 1695 Architectural Drafting
CF 1697 Blueprint Reading and Estimating
CF 1698 Exterior Finish
CF 1699 Stair Building
CF 1700 Roof Framing
CF 2704 Roof and Soffit Finish
CF 2706 Foundation Form Construction
CF 2707 Advanced Roof Framing
CF 2708 Concrete Floors and Flatwork
CF 2709 Building Energy Code
CF 2710 Advanced Finish
CF 2715 Commercial Blueprint Reading
CF 2716 Estimating
CF 2718 Advanced Roof Framing
CMST 121 Introduction to Communication
ENGL 121 College Composition I - Critical Reading & Writing
GSWS 1401 Employment Preparation
Total Credits: 58  
Goal Area 4: Mathematics/Logical Reasoning
(select 3 credits from the courses below)
Choose any 100 or 200 level Math course. The following courses are preferred:
Course Title Credits
MATH 109 Elements of Algebra & Trigonometry
MATH 110 Contemporary Concepts in Mathematics
MATH 112 College Algebra
MATH 116 Trigonometry
Total Credits: 3  
Minnesota Transfer Curriculum
General Education courses will be selected from at least three of the ten goal areas of the Minnesota Transfer curriculum.
See your advisor to select courses that fulfill this requirement.
Total Credits: 11  
Total AAS Degree Credits: 72